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Super Giant Mealworms or Morios are the larvae of the Zophobos morio beetle. Super Giant Mealworms are 48-55mm (1.9-2.0 inches) in length. Each and every week throughout the year, Livefoods Direct supplies over 100,000 of these wiggly giants to its UK customers. Super Giant Mealworms provide a highly nutritious diet (51.8% protein as a % of dry matter) for larger birds and reptiles. Super Giant Mealworms are bred on Progrub, a protein rich meal blended specially for worm rearing by Livefoods Direct. Super Giant Mealworms have a slow growth rate in insect terms, from egg to larvae to beetle and back to egg again takes 18 to 22 weeks under ideal conditions.

Super Giant Mealworms can be purchased in different packs depending on the quantity the customer requires. These packs vary from plastic tubs containing as few as 40 grams (approximately 40 worms) to cloth sacks containing 250 grams, 500 grams or a kilogram of worms.

Super Giant Mealworms should be stored in a warm, dry, dark place - ideally between 16-20 degrees centigrade. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 14 degrees centigrade will kill Super Giant Mealworms. Up to 500 grams of Super Giant Mealworms can be stored in a Livefoods Direct storage box specially designed for this purpose, complete with a mesh bottom to provide ventilation and a reversible lid to capture waste (which makes great organic fertiliser).

Quantities of more than 500grams of Super Giant Mealworms can be stored in an open container such as a cat litter tray. A lid should be unnecessary provided that the sides of the container are smooth enough, steep enough and deep enough to stop the Super Giant Mealworms escaping. Super Giant Mealworms can be fed with wheat bran but Progrub from Livefoods Direct is specially blended to be more nutritious and will ensure that the Super Giant Mealworms are gut loaded with calcium. Super Giant Mealworms can be fed a little carrot, potato or apple but this is not strictly necessary and over- feeding this vegetable matter should be avoided as this encourages mites.

Super Giant Mealworms have been described by a leading reptile breeder as the best food in the world for rearing Bearded Dragons. Large, heavy bodied Lizards are attracted to the movement of Super Giant Mealworms and respond in fighting fashion to the worms natural thrashing style of behaviour. Super Giant Mealworms are also extremely popular with Monkeys and other small carnivorous animals and larger birds. In Europe and the USA, Super Giant Mealworms are used extensively as freshwater fishing bait.

To feed Super Giant Mealworms to your pets, simply place their daily requirement in a heavy dish such as a small ceramic dog water dish. Dust the Super Giant Mealworms with a supplement such as Calci-Pure from Livefoods Direct and place the dish on the floor of the enclosure. Simple as that!

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